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Alien Vegetation Control

Our local fynbos stands threatened by alien invader species. These species were imported in the past, mainly from Australia, for timber, firewood and driftsand control.

These alien invaders do not have any natural enemies, hence these invader species spread rapidly and threaten our natural vegetation. We will remove these alien species from your erven and in so doing promote the local fynbos.

The cost to remove these alien vegetation species is calculated on the size of the erf, the amount of vegetation present and the age of the vegetation present. The vegetation is cut and cleared to the municipal dump as per Town Council requirements.

Examples of alien plant invaders

Rooikrans bush

Rooikrans (Acacia cyclops) - imported from Australia in 1835 as an ornamental tree. It invades coastal fynbos.

Port Jackson Bush

Port Jackson (Acacia saligna) - imported from Australia in 1847 to serve as a sand binder. Invades coastal and mountain fynbos.

Castor Oil bush

Castor Oil Bush (Ricinus Communis)
Description :
annual herb, softly woody shrub or small tree up to 4m high, leaf and flowering stalks often with a grey bloom
Leaves : shiny, dark green or reddish, paler below, large up to 300mm wide, palmately five to nine-lobed

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